Answering Common Questions About Car Hauling Jobs

Car hauling is one of the most common truck driver jobs available. It involves transporting vehicles to destinations all over the country, and it is one of several types of truck driver jobs found in Portland. To learn more about car hauling, continue reading the answers to common questions below. car - hauling

What is car hauling?

Car hauling consists of a large tractor unit hauling long trailers filled with various types of cars and trucks. These vehicles are likely being transported between car dealerships and manufacturers to sell to new consumers. However, a car hauler may also transport damaged and wrecked vehicles to junkyards and recycling facilities. Car haulers can also transport antique, exotic, and valuable vehicles cross-country, because owners do not want to put unneeded miles or risk damage on their collector cars. When a car hauler takes on a job, he is responsible for the transport and ensures that the vehicles are inspected and secure throughout the journey.

What are the driving requirements?

The main requirement to haul cars is a Class A commercial driver’s license. This can be obtained through a truck driving training program. Car hauling companies do not usually require truck driving candidates to have additional endorsements, but it is always smart to receive endorsements—for hazmat or tanker, for example—to show more skills and potential. Car hauling companies will also look for driving experience, so it is best work with a truck driving school that offers hands-on experience from the beginning of the program.

What is the lifestyle of a car hauler?

Most truck driver jobs require similar lifestyles. Truck drivers may be away from home for several days at a time, and they are required to drive for several hours at a time. This is necessary to meet deadlines and do a good job. However, a car hauler can often make his own schedule and dictate the number of hours he wants to work. It is important to work with a quality car hauling company to receive the desire lifestyle.

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