"Dear Greg, Suzanne, Thad, Mike, Phil, Paul, and Brian,

As you know, I was a high-school English teacher who could not find work for three years but who had two small children to support. It was not my dream to drive a truck. When my wife suggested it, I felt pretty low. But you assured me you could help me to learn and support my family, which was my goal.

The first week we read the entire Oregon State Commercial Driver Manual, with Lead Instructor Mike sprinkling the reading with relevant anecdotes from his career driving a truck to illustrate and expand upon the information in the manual. The very first day my respect for truck drivers increased dramatically, due to the sheer volume of knowledge a competent driver must possess--not to mention patience and good judgement. Mike said the school's goal was not just to help us get Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) but to know how to drive a truck safely, morally, and professionally. The CDL is really a side effect of learning how to do things right, and ETS goes out of its way to train you the right way, not just churn out truck drivers for money. They teach you how to operate the machinery, but they also instill professional values that you will carry with you for the rest of your career, and it's about much more than following the speed limit.

The second Monday, we went to the DMV to take the General Knowledge written test to obtain our CDL learning permits, along with any other endorsement tests we wished to get a jump on. From that day on we were outside: learning the parts of the truck and what to say during our pre-trip-inspection test; learning to shift and drive ten-speed transmissions; and learning how to back up a combination vehicle, which is no easy task. "They're like people," Mike said of the trucks. "We all have the same equipment, but we're all a little different." This is why ETS provided us with two different makes of truck, a Freightliner and a Volvo, so we could learn how trucks differ and be ready for just about any truck we encountered afterward.

The first few days driving, however, Mike said he didn't want us to worry about anything but learning how to clutch and shift. "

- Robert Peate

"I want to start by saying I am NOT someone that writes reviews. It really takes a lot to get me to sit down and write something like this. But after my experience this last month with Elite and graduating with my CDL in hand I could not help but make time for a proper review.

I had never set foot in a truck before this class, so naturally I was a bit nervous. But if there is one thing I can’t say enough about it is the staff of Elite. Mike, Phil, Brian, Paul, all make things click way faster than you think possible. Especially after the first drive. After that first drive you have the impulse to leave and never come back. 15mph in a 40mph seems like warp drive at first. But by the end of the class things are so much more natural that instead of hearing speed up, you are being reminded to slow down lol.

When Mike says call me anytime if you need something at first most people will think, (ya sure he is just saying that), but he really means it. Every staff member there will lend you a hand both during the class and after if you need it. Other schools will push you in, push you out, and then forget your name after. That is not something that happens at Elite.

The school also worked with me so I could use my Post 911 GI Bill®. Other schools just won’t spend that kind of time on such an involved process. For that I thank Greg and Suzanne for making the effort to help veterans use their benefits. Did I miss anyone? If I did I did not mean too. Don’t think twice about choosing Elite. It is worth the investment."

- Ryan Nefcy

" All the staff at Elite Truck School is awesome, it's easy to see that they truly care about you, the student. The training goes beyond just driving a truck, they strive to make sure that when you leave you are prepared for real world driving conditions. Any idiot can drive a truck, but at E.T.S they train you to be a true "professional" truck driver. There's no set class schedule so it allows them the freedom to cater to your individual needs,for example, if you pick up on the driving real easy but struggle with backing the trailer, they'll have you focus on that till you get it. There's not one bad thing I can think of about this school."

- Joshua Rieke

"The staff at Elite are awesome. They are knowledgeable and they truly care about your learning and you personally. There is a true no student left behind. They run excellent equipment. I was a student in june of 2013 and I completed the course with flying colors. And if I can do it so can you. I would highly recommend Elite for your school. They are truly the best in the business. Thank you so much Elite for getting me started in the right field for me. y'all are the best."

- Tony Covlin

"What a great experiance! I had the opportunity to get my WA CDL through a different channel, but am so glad that I went to Elite Truck School. They gave me a good foundation and the confidence to enter the truck driving profession. Mike, Greg, Allen, what great instructors and examples of professional drivers, teaching our class the basics of truck driving and what it means to do it in a safe, courteous, and professional manner. I would encourage anyone who is interested in getting their CDL to attend Elite Truck School. You will receive a great education, and will learn what it means to be a truck driver through the instruction and experiances of these instructors. Thank you for the great learning experiance, and the opportunity to get started in a new and exciting career!"

- Gerald Goff

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