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Many people might be worried about their past when they consider attending a truck driver training program near Portland. If they have vehicle violations, warrants, or even felonies, then they may wonder if they can qualify for truck driver jobs. However, there are many instances where a potential truck driver can overcome his or her past and receive a commercial driver’s license and earn a great truck driver job. Let’s take a look at how someone with a felony record may still qualify to be a truck driver.

There are several types of offenses that might result in a felony, such as bribery, assault with intent to murder, misconduct with a motor vehicle, or burglary. Some of these felonies—such as misconduct with a motor vehicle—may restrict a person from earning a commercial driver’s license. However, felonies related to burglary or use of illegal substances may not influence someone’s ability to receive a license and training from a truck driver training program. It is important to speak with a knowledgeable official and research each state’s laws to determine a person’s candidacy as a truck driver.