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After you graduate from trucking school in Portland and earn your CDL, you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel of a big rig and join the ranks of professional truck drivers around the country. It won’t take you long to realize the benefit (and importance) of truck stops, a wonderful sight for sore and tired eyes after a long day of driving. Here are some good tips to remember as you begin your truck driving career to help you get the most out of truck stops:

  • Drive straight to the back of the lot to save time trying to find a space in the first rows of parking (this will also help you avoid getting clipped by any of the trucks pulling in and out of the tight parking spaces near the front of the lot)
  • Keep in mind that the prices for goods is usually higher at truck stops, so try to stock up on supplies, electronics, goodies, and other non-food items elsewhere to save money
  • If using the shower, be courteous of other drivers waiting to use the facilities and try to shower quickly; on the other hand, if you paid for time to use the bathroom, feel free to use all of the time you paid for to relax and get clean and enjoy a hot shower after a long day of driving