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The decision to enroll in a truck driving school near Portland may be one that you look back on fondly, but you don’t want to rush the process. When you consider the truck driving programs that you can join, consider the lifestyle of a professional driver and make sure it’s something that you think you can handle. Consider how you feel physically and mentally, and think about how much time you plan on spending at home as well as how life might be on the road. Here are questions to ask yourself before enrolling in truck driving school:

Am I in shape?

Truck driver jobs are both similar and contrasting to a desk job in that you might spend much of your day sitting down, but you’ll be moving the entire time. Enduring long hours on the road is not always the easiest task. Getting yourself into shape mentally and physically will help your stamina as you get deeper and deeper into the trip, so think about how you’re doing in both areas before enrolling in a truck driving school. You’ll also need to think about how you can keep yourself in shape while you are out on the road; many drivers do this by eating properly, getting enough rest, and working in quick exercises on the road.

How often do I need to come home?

Depending on the type of truck driver job you’re looking for, you might come home every night or once every few days. If you’re undecided about what type of position fits your needs, think about how much time you would like to spend at home. Those who have young families might need to be around more often, while those who operate on their own might not have many restrictions at all.

Will I enjoy being on the road?

Being on the road is not for everyone, but truck driver jobs can be extremely fulfilling for the right personality. Before you sign up for truck driving school, think about the places you’ll go, the sights you’ll see, and the people you will meet when you join the industry.