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Just like any other type of business, the trucking industry wants people to understand what it means to work in the field and have a truck driver job in Portland. The America’s Road Team program helps people learn about the principles that go into trucking jobs and how they are practiced in the workplace. Feel free to keep reading as we shine the spotlight on the America’s Road Team Program.

Thousands of people apply to promote the trucking industry through the America’s Road Team program each year; however, only 10 are selected. Those who are selected are called Road Team Captains, and they have the responsibility of representing the trucking industry on behalf of everyone involved. They may do so in a variety of ways, from television and newspaper interviews to lectures, seminars, and other meetings. Each person who is chosen as a Road Team Captain will exemplify the core qualities that the truck driving job industry holds dear: commitment to safety, a wealth of experience in the industry, and the desire to inform the public about what it means to have a truck driving job. At Elite Truck School, we are proud that our founder and owner has shared in this duty.