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There are a lot of opportunities to make great money in the transportation industry as a commercial driver—and for good reason. Trucking requires full concentration on the road, as even the smallest mistake can carry huge repercussions. Completing a CDL program in Portland is the first step toward becoming a commercial driver, but staying safe is the key to remaining a commercial driver. Keep these safety tips in mind when you start your career as a professional driver to stay out of harm’s way.

Avoid Distractions
Not only must commercial drivers content with motorists, changing weather conditions, and wandering wildlife, but they must do so while operating large vehicles and often carrying heavy and sometimes dangerous cargo. To avoid a disaster, minimize distractions inside the cabin whenever you are operating a commercial vehicle. Don’t text while driving, keep music at an appropriate volume, and avoid eating messy food or foods that require two hands or utensils.

Signal Early
Even though you will be driving some of the largest vehicles on the road, other motorists will not always give you the space you need to safely maneuver in traffic. Signal early when approaching an intersection or before a lane change to give other motorists ample warning of your intended direction. You will learn how to safely operate a large rig in traffic while attending truck driver school.

Maintain Your Vehicle
You could be the best truck driver in the world, and you would still be in trouble if something goes wrong with your rig. Perform a pre-trip inspection before every haul to ensure that your vehicle is safe for road travel. Pay special attention to the tires, lights, horn, and mirrors. You will learn how to perform a thorough pre-trip inspection as part of your truck driver training at a CDL school in Portland.