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Graduates of a widely respected truck driving school near Portland—such as Elite Truck School—often find a job immediately after completing the truck driver training program. This is because there are a large number of jobs available that require a CDL. The trucking industry is often considered the backbone of the American economy; thousands of tons of fuel, office goods, household goods, livestock, food, and refrigerated goods are transported by truck each day in the U.S. If you are looking at truck driving schools or currently enrolled in one, here are some tips to keep in mind .

Sell Your Qualifications

Your CDL job opportunities are dependent upon your license class, experience, and the distance you are willing to drive. Use your qualifications to your advantage when you search for jobs and interview with potential employers.

Search Effectively

Using a job search engine usually doesn’t return the best results. Your truck driving school, on the other hand, is an outstanding resource. In addition to having contacts with dozens of employers, truck driving schools also know the search tools and forums that are regularly used to locate legitimate, well-paying truck driving jobs.

Make Compromises

If you live in a smaller town, search national job databases and consider moving, as the best jobs are usually based out of bigger cities. Long-distance jobs are in greater demand than local jobs, simply because there are more truck drivers with families who prefer to have local jobs. Make compromises when you are starting out in the field so that later, when you look for another truck driving job, you will have some experience as a truck driver.

Tips for Independent Truckers

There are enough CDL jobs out there that many truck drivers can have their pick of several offers. If you are an independent driver looking for your next assignment, make sure your clients account for rig and fuel costs, even if it is a local CDL job.