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When you look back at your time in truck driving school near Portland and it’s faded into the distance, you might consider using your experience in the industry to become an owner-operator. There is more to being an owner-operator than graduating CDL trucking school and holding a trucking job for a couple of years, though. You’ll also need to be careful with your finances and in good health, and you should have a stable family life. Pick up more in depth tips for succeeding as an owner-operator by reading ahead.

Be Financially Responsible

Finances tend to become particularly important when you transition to being an owner-operator, which is why it helps to have a good credit rating. It takes a significant amount of capital to get started, as you’ll need to purchase a rig of your own. The more you can afford to use for your down payment, the lower your payments will be. In other trucking jobs, someone had already paid for the truck you drove, but that won’t be the case this time. Being responsible with your money is imperative if you want to make it as an owner-operator.

Stay Healthy

People who spend decades working trucking jobs and staying financially responsible may be great candidates to become owner-operators. However, you should think about your health. If you have had trouble staying healthy on the road as your career has gone on, think about what you can change as your career takes its next turn. Stay hydrated each day, eat a properly balanced diet, and take care of your physical health.

Think About Your Family

Being away from home is part of the life when it comes to many truck driver jobs, but not all trucking jobs will keep you away for days at a time. If you’re planning on becoming an owner-operator, your family life should be completely stable. Your family should be able to handle operating without you while you’re on the road. If you don’t have many attachments that keep you in one place, then this might not be an issue that you consider at all.