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To scale or not to scale; that’s the question most truck drivers face on a daily basis, especially long-haul truckers who have to worry about every mile they add between their starting and ending destination. Of course it’s easy enough to pull through a scale and see how much weight you’re sitting on if you’re starting at or near a truck stop with a pull-through scale, but when the nearest scale is miles out of the way in the opposite direction you’re travelling, is it worth it? If you suspect in the slightest that you might be overweight, it’s better to find out at a scale than risk going through a weigh station above the maximum limit.

Watch this video to hear one trucker’s opinion on the scale or no scale dilemma. This is also a topic that will be covered by your instructors at truck driving school. When you enroll in professional and reputable truck driver training school in Portland, you will have access to experienced faculty who can provide you with practical tips and insights that will get your truck driving career off to the best start.