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With the U.S. economy continuing to grow, truck driver training school is more important than ever. Goods are overwhelmingly transported by truck in this country, which means as the U.S. economy expands, trucking jobs in Portland are on the rise. To have access to the best CDL jobs, it’s important to attend a truck driving school like


Elite Truck School that offers CDL job placement and training. In this article we will explore the importance of truck driver training in more detail.

Shortage of Truck Drivers
Estimates by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) report that our economy is short 35,000 truck drivers. This shortage has resulted in a strain that every major carrier feels. Especially as the economy grows, truck drivers often find factory and construction work that pays less but does not require living on the road. The ATA estimates that the shortfall can grow to 240,000 drivers by 2020 if the shortage is not addressed. One of the primary ways that companies are addressing this shortage is by offering truck drivers greater incentives.

Incentives for Trucking Jobs
Trucking companies are offering more incentives than ever to encourage truckers to fill unoccupied jobs. Some are paying for the cost of licensing, while many are offering signing bonuses, especially if the driver commits to driving for a minimum period of time. Many trucking companies are desperate for new drivers, because every day some amount of freight cannot be hauled due to a shortage in drivers. If you want a job where you are valued and where companies compete for your services, truck driving is an excellent choice.

Increased Pay
The driver shortage is pushing the rate per mile for freight delivery upward. DAT Solutions found that between August and October of last year, long-term contracts increased in value by 8 percent. Rates on the spot market, in which freight is moved on a short notice, increased 14 percent during that same time period.