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Today, the number of available truck driver jobs far outnumbers the pool of individuals that have completed professional truck driver training. Across the country, thousands of open CDL jobs are available for qualified individuals searching for trucking jobs. If you are considering making a career change or looking for a long-term opportunity, attending truck driving school or taking a truck driver refresher course in Portland is an excellent choice for your future.

Increased Production Requires Increased Transportation

The trucking industry is still responsible for the majority of materials shipping in the United States. Trucks move billions of tons of freight each year, accounting for up to 67% of the nation’s freight movement by weight. As the economy continues to recover and improve, increased production and consumption of goods has increased the need for more truckers and opened up many more trucking jobs as more raw materials are needed and finished goods must be delivered to stores. Because this increase in shipping has happened quickly and the trend is still ongoing, it has led to a deficit of drivers qualified to take CDL jobs, causing trucking companies to cast far and wide for employees to meet these increased shipping demands.

Better Pay and Benefits

Because trucking jobs are going unfulfilled, qualified drivers are becoming more desirable. Current estimates project a shortage of more than 170,000 drivers by the year 2024 if the present trends continue. Thus, truck driver jobs are offering increased pay and benefits in an attempt to attract more individuals to the industry, making this an excellent time to attend truck driver training school to earn a CDL. While many trucking companies may have difficulty offering significant wage increases, they are looking to attract drivers to available trucking jobs by offering greater benefits, more flexible scheduling, and other attractive options.

Truck training school is an excellent step toward a successful future in the trucking industry. As the number of CDL jobs increases and the need for qualified drivers continues to rise, attending truck driver training school can greatly increase your desirability in today’s job market.