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Truck driver jobs are appealing options to many people, but not all positions in this trade are alike. If you’re thinking about going to a truck driver training school in Portland, then there are several types of trucking jobs for you to consider pursuing.

Local Truck Driving

Are you interested in a truck driver job that doesn’t require driving out of state or overnight shifts? If so, then a local driving position could be the best choice for your lifestyle. These positions are sometimes referred to as P&D or pick-up and delivery jobs, and they usually involve route-sales or pick-ups and deliveries. These jobs typically involve more stops and customer contact than other truck driving positions.

Long-Haul Driving

If your ideal job involves traveling long distances in one day, then consider an over the road driving position. Individuals in these jobs are frequently referred to as long-haul drivers and operate heavy trucks. These jobs can involve traveling a few hundred miles and returning home in one day, or jobs that go overnight. Also, these drivers might spend days or weeks on the road, and some choose to work in teams of two.

Hazardous Materials Driving

If you’re willing to put in a bit more training, then a job transporting hazardous materials can be an option for you. These drivers have to have knowledge about the products that they are transporting and the hazards that they present.

Specialized Truck Driving

Drivers who operate specialized trucks frequently have jobs that involve transporting sensitive, oversized, and unusual loads. Examples of what a specialized truck driver might operate include double or triple trailers, overweight loads, and auto carriers. Additional permits may be needed for this type of driving job.

Independent Truck Driving

For individuals who prefer to use their own equipment for their driving position, owner-operator jobs are a possibility. These drivers haul freight according to contracts, and this type of driving job is a popular choice among spousal driving teams. Keep in mind that most independent truck drivers start out in a salaried driver position before starting their own business.