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Finding Employment in the Trucking Industry After Training

With the 160 hours of training received at Elite Truck School, students are well-prepared for a career in the trucking industry.  Our reputation is well known, and our knowledge of the industry is second to none. We take pride in helping our students succeed through every step of their training and even after graduation, which is why we have an easy-to-use Job Board on our site to help our students discover employment opportunities. With our truck driver job placement resources, finding something that aligns with the individual goals of each driver makes it even easier to make your driving dreams a reality.

Job Placement for Truck Drivers in Portland, OR

Jobs in the Trucking Industry

The industry offers a lot of opportunities when looking for a truck driver job with training. We can help not only with the training but also with acquiring a position that suits the needs and wants of the driver. The ability to travel while working and create an exciting career is a benefit of driving a truck. There is a huge potential for a high salaried six-figure income within the available jobs in trucking. The opportunities are endless, and you can start here at Elite Truck School in the Portland, OR area with our classes and truck driver job placement resources.

What Types of Jobs Are Available in the Trucking Industry?

There are a multitude of avenues available to a licensed truck driver. Local jobs can provide you with routes that keep you home at night. Long-haul drivers are on the road for extended times, usually one to three weeks. Line haul jobs offer consistency in location by providing a set route. Owner Operators run their own equipment and usually are paid by the mile. There is also the option to drive smaller, Class B rigs that generally offer lower salaries but keep the driver local. The options are endless with your training from Elite Truck School.

Lifetime Job Placement With Elite

Once training is complete, Elite Truck School not only ensures a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the industry’s rules, regulations, and inner workings, but we also help you find a job. Lifetime job placement assistance is available to turn the dreams of our students into reality.

Employment and Earnings as a Licensed Truck Driver

With Elite Truck School, our knowledge and resources help us find the right road for our drivers. Local services with smaller rigs offer more of a work/home balance with a competitive salary. Long haul drivers or those certified to transport hazardous materials or larger trucks can receive upwards of $100,000.

Contact Elite Truck School To Learn More!

If you are interested in CDL training and job placement, you can pursue this passion with help from Elite Truck School. An exciting and rewarding career in trucking can be yours with training and help with truck driver job placement. Fill out the contact form to receive communication online or call us directly at Elite Truck School in Hillsboro, OR to speak to a team professional to find out more details.

Have questions about any of our programs? Call (503) 608-4171!