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Brush up on your skills!

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), there are about 25,000 truck driving jobs that need to be filled in this country. There was always a demand for trucking job, and especially now with the economy boom, there is an even higher demand for drivers. However, a few things may have changed since you were last behind the wheel—including your own driving abilities. For help getting used to driving a big truck again, consider taking a truck driving refresher course from Elite Truck School of Hillsboro.

Premier Truck Driving School at Elite Truck Schools in Portland, OR

Getting back in the driver’s seat

If you don’t use your driving skills for a while, you tend to get a little rusty. As you know, driving a big rig is quite a bit different than driving a typical passenger vehicle. The brakes are harder to get used to, your mirrors are all different, and backing up poses a significant challenge. It’s a good idea to take a refresher course, even if you’re only a tiny bit unsure of your ability to drive a tractor-trailer.

As a general rule, you should take a refresher course if you don’t land a job within two months of graduating from trucking school. You might also consider shaking off the rust if you once had a job but haven’t driven in more than 12 months.

Truck Driving Refresher Courses at Elite Truck Schools in Portland, OR

Reasons to consider a refresher course

The decision of whether or not to take a refresher course is ultimately up to you. However, there are a few distinct advantages of heading back to CDL trucking school.

  • Become a more valuable candidate: As any hiring manager will tell you, a long period of unemployment could raise suspicion. Taking a refresher course from a Portland driving school will show trucking companies that you’re serious about getting back into the saddle.
  • Improve your driving skills: Taking a refresher course isn’t just good for relearning everything you forgot—you might also learn a few new things. This is a great way to gain an edge over other potential candidates.
  • Avoid legal trouble: Forgetting important trucking regulations could get you in significant trouble with the law. Taking a quick refresher course can help ensure smooth sailing.

Truck driving refresher courses FAQs

As a trucker, maintaining and improving your driving skills is an essential part of your career. Staying sharp behind the wheel not only improves your safety while on the job, but can also improve your driving efficiency and help you stay calm and comfortable in the driver’s seat for a lower-stress experience. Elite Truck School is pleased to offer CDL refresher training in addition to our CDL training programs and truck driver training school in Hillsboro.

Why do I need a refresher course?
There are many reasons truckers enroll in CDL refresher training courses. If you haven’t been behind the wheel of a truck in several months and are now looking for a trucking job, potential employers may require you to take a refresher course for insurance and safety purposes. Even truckers who have not been off the road for long—or have never left the business at all—can benefit from a refresher course for many reasons. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for truckers are constantly changing; staying up to date on these regulations will ensure you are always in compliance to avoid fines or even termination of your employment or loss of your license.

What will I learn during a refresher course?
CDL refresher training encompasses many subjects. Just as when you first entered truck driving school, there will be classroom and hands-on portions of your refresher training. Classroom work includes reviewing the rules of the road and all current federal and state requirements for truck drivers. Hands-on training includes CDL pre- and post-trip truck inspection and driving skills practice to reacquaint you with the process and feel of handling a tractor-trailer while under the supervision of an experienced and licensed CDL instructor.

Can a truck driver refresher course help me get a job?
CDL refresher training is a great springboard to landing a job in the trucking industry. Especially if you lack past experience or have no recent experience, completing a current truck driver refresher course will take the place of this experience when you are looking for trucking jobs. A CDL refresher course is also a valuable opportunity to network with other drivers and potential employers; furthermore, you can take advantage of your truck driving school’s job placement services to help you find exactly the job you want much faster and easier than searching on your own.

Elite Truck School is proud to provide CDL refresher courses to truck drivers in the Portland area.

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