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Payment methods

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
Our program also accepts funding from the following agencies:
Veteran’s Administration
Oregon Worksource
Washington State Worksource
Trade Act/NAFTA
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Many companies that hire our graduates offer tuition reimbursement. Those companies will pay you back, over time, the investment that you have made in your career.

For Oregon residents

Tuition: $4295.00 + Registration ($100.00)

Special price $4395.00 (regular price $4750.00)

DOT physical exam: $105.00
Drug Test: $85.00
DMV Fees: $358.00*
Haz-Mat Background: $90.00
Total Costs: $5033.00*

*All prices subject to change

For Washington residents

Tuition ($4295.00) + Registration ($100.00)

Special Price $4395.00 (Regular Price $4750.00)

DOT Physical Exam: $105.00
Drug test: $85.00
DOL fees: Approx $352.00-$437.00
Haz mat background: $90.00
Total costs: $5027.00-$5112.00*

*All prices subject to change

For more information, call Elite Truck School today!